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Whether you need help building an innovative and alluring website, gaining traction on social media, editing your fictional work of any genre, designing a book cover, self-publishing on any platform, or you want a complete publishing and promotional package, Weiland Press is here to help. We are a team of writers, published authors, editors,  academic professors, web designers, book cover artists, and illustrators who understand the publishing business and the craft of writing, and will ensure your success before, during, and after you release a book.

Help For Publishers

It’s a busy time in life. Say you have a fantastic new writer, but you don’t have the time to take the manuscript from the first draft to best-seller. You need micro and macro editing. You need a killer book cover, something unique and fresh. The book needs a website that will do the hard work of selling and promotion. You need help!

Help For Authors

You’ve decided to go it alone but don’t know what to do. We will be with you from the start and help you turn your draft into a masterpiece, and find a book cover that looks professional and classy. You need a website, but you don’t have a million dollars for a premier designer. We have you covered with our very own elite team.

Publishing Services

Do you write personal essays or a memoir? In 2022, we would like to talk to you about the best way we can help get your work published and in the hands of eager readers.

You Really Should Expect More from Your Publisher

Awesome! You were signed by a huge publisher. What happens next? For most, you are expected to promote yourself and your book on the web and social media. The most you can hope to expect from your publisher is a press release.


They think their hard work is done, just because they may or may not have paid you an advance, and gave you the key to the prestigious author’s washroom.


Maybe it’s time you find out what a real full-service publisher, who cares about your success, does to make sure your book is a best-seller. Maybe it’s time you stopped playing the unwinnable game played by the snooty publishing houses?

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Artist Collaboration

Are you a Filipino digital artist, illustrator, book cover creator, or animator? Weiland Press and WB Imageworks are offering publishers and authors the ability to have superstar artists from the Philippines design the artwork for their books and graphic novels, and we would like your help.

We are not a company that is looking to cheat Filipino artists by paying them a lower rate than their western counterparts and then selling the designs for higher prices overseas. We want you to make top dollar and have your work credited.


We give you fair and equitable rates for your artwork and give you credit where credit is due


You have the option to work remotely, or in our offices in Iloilo City


Feel free to take selfies and video for your social media accounts. We will be doing the same


Work with cutting-edge technology in our offices in a comfortable and fun environment.


Collab with other artists and creatives from all over the world


Work at home or in our office safe from COVID-19. Your health is important to us

Our Work

From websites to manuscript editing, we do it all. Check here every week for the latest examples of professional and cutting-edge book promotion services for publishers and authors.

Mike Hancock – Author

Website design

Bold and remarkable are the only words that could be used to describe the look and feel of this website/blog, created for Mike’s book “Fallen.”

Jason Weiland – Writer & Designer

Website design

A simple, one-page website with no blog that directs people who wanted information about me and my work. I wasn’t looking for bells and whistles, just a clean interface and a fast-loading page.

Let’s Get Started

Why don’t we get started working on your book, website, or social media campaign today? We have the team and the know-how to take you and your manuscript from relative anonymity to the top of the best-seller list, all you must do is trust us with your work, and a little money to grease the wheels.

If you are a publisher, don’t be shy, just because we are a press as well, doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you. We can only publish so many books, but we have the network and the staff to help many other small publishing houses with the tasks they just can’t handle on their own.

Let us help you!

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