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Whether you need help building an innovative and alluring website, gaining traction on social media, editing your fictional work of any genre, designing a book cover, self-publishing on any platform, or you want a complete publishing and promotional package, Weiland Press is here to help. We are a team of writers, published authors, editors,  academic professors, web designers, book cover artists, and illustrators who understand the publishing business and the craft of writing, and will ensure your success before, during, and after your book release.

The publishing industry needs to change and our business reflects that. It is no long time we continue bending over backward for the monopolies as we did to the huge publishing houses in the past. It’s time that independent authors and publishers had the support to take back the power and to achieve what our main goal should be: getting our work in the hands of the readers and fans.

Our Approach to Designing Author Websites

You need a website and blog, so people have a central hub to get information about you and know where to buy your books. You need a place for journalists to download your media kit and find contact information. You might even need a blog to connect to your super fans, who already know and love you, but want closer access. You should have a landing page to collect email addresses so you can build a database of your true fans and the community that lives around your work.

Do you have a place to promote or schedule speaking events or book signings?

You need a website that will do all that and Weiland Press can help with it all.


An author website can’t just be fluff. It has to do the heavy lifting and be the hub and focus of all your book promotional work.

-Jason Weiland – Weiland Press

Let’s Get Started

Why don’t we get started working on your book, website, or social media campaign today? We have the team and the know-how to take you and your manuscript from relative anonymity to the top of the best-seller list, all you must do is trust us with your work, and a little money to grease the wheels.

If you are a publisher, don’t be shy, just because we are a press as well, doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you. We can only publish so many books, but we have the network and the staff to help many other small publishing houses with the tasks they just can’t handle on their own.

Let us help you!

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