Authors and Publishers! How Badly Do You Need a Website?

Written by Jason Weiland

Key Creative and Chief Bottle Washer at Weiland Press. Writer, author, web designer, publisher. Living the dream life in the Philippines.

May 29, 2021

You have the chance to get a FREE one (a $1500 value)

Are you getting ready to independently publish your book? Are you being published by a publisher, but told they won’t foot the bill for the website? Did you release a book some time ago and need to give it a boost so you can get some sales again?

As you know, I just started Weiland Press, and am in the process of setting everything up. I find myself with a little time and a need for some websites for my portfolio.

You see, building websites is a tough game, and even though it’s only a fraction of the services WP provides, it is the most lucrative part. To make any money, you can’t be a small fish in a big pond, and the only way to be a big fish is to prove to people that you are an expert.

I have been building websites, and then blogs for 20+ years, but I find I have to continually prove to the industry that I haven’t lost my touch. I remember coding everything by hand for so many years, and then WordPress coming along and making us old-schoolers learn the whole process again.

Now, everything I do involves WordPress, and while I very rarely use templates without customizing them, my job is much easier than in the days of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Where I used to spend weeks building the perfect website, I find now, more often than not, I can do one in a week, as long as the client is willing to put in the initial effort to impart exactly what they are looking for.

Take three websites I recently completed:

  1. — Mike spent a week before I even started on the website sending a copy of the book, photos, headshots, copy and blurbs about the book, a personal story for the about page, and all the preferences he didn’t want to leave up to me. Because of that, I was finished with the first draft of the website/blog in a few days, after I suffered through some tech difficulties getting his domain and hosting set up. After revisions and testing, we had a final product in a week. This complete website, from hosting to copy creation cost in the neighborhood of $2500 to $5000.
  2. Weiland Press — This is my business website, and because it was mine, I knew everything I wanted to be done with it, from the copy to the blog posts. This is an extensive website, and although I used a template, everything is highly customized. I finished the first iteration in a few days, working 12-hour days without interruption. If I built this website for another business, I would have charged them $7000+.
  3. — This is an example of something new I am trying. This is a one-page website with no blog that acts as my personal contact page and a hub for my personal social media accounts. I love the quick and dirty style of the page. It is easier to create, quick-loading, easy to update, and a very effective example of both an author and a book website that doesn’t utilize a blog. Because I publish my personal essays and article on Medium, I didn’t feel the need to publish them in yet another place. These are the kind of simple websites that are so effective for authors, and they are future-proof because a blog or store can easily be added at a later time. This took me only a day to build, and I would charge in the neighborhood of $1000 to $1500 for something like this.

These are the kind of websites and blogs I believe are perfect for writers, authors, and publishers, and give you a good idea of the quality I offer.

But, let me cut to the chase. I decided I wanted to create a contest to introduce the services of Weiland Press and create a few current samples for my portfolio.

So here is the deal. Wherever you read this article, whether it’s on the blog, or on Medium, first, share the link on one of your favorite social media accounts. Then, leave me a comment telling me where you shared it.

In a week, if I have 20 people entered into the contest, I will pick one randomly and gift them with their very own one-page author website, FREE of charge except for the hosting fees and domain name. Out of the twenty, I will also pick 4 more who I will offer the same one-page website for only $199 + hosting and domain name fees.

I will have five portfolio pieces and the five people I pick will have a free or nearly free professional, one-page book or author website.

What could be better?

If you are interested:

  1. Share the link to this blog post on your favorite social media account.
  2. Comment below where you shared it.
  3. Wait a week.

I will announce the winners on June 6th, at 8:00 am on my blog here.

Good luck, and I look forward to working with all of you.

For the other fifteen who are interested in a website, at least enough to join a contest, I will be offering a dramatically discounted website package.

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