Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is — How Hard Could it Be?

Written by Jason Weiland

Key Creative and Chief Bottle Washer at Weiland Press. Writer, author, web designer, publisher. Living the dream life in the Philippines.

June 5, 2021

Book experiment — Part #1–06–06–2021

This has been a busy month — the first for Weiland Press, the company I’m creating. It’s difficult to start something new like this when there is so much competition out there, and now, with the world reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, less people have money to spend on things like websites for their books and thousand dollar promotional packages.

But still I press on.

I built, wrote copy, and tweaked the Weiland.Press website until I felt it was as close to perfect as it could get. Then, I worked with my friend and author Mike Hancock on his author website and launched it. Then I created a small informative website for myself — just one page of information, links and ways to contact me.

Then, I ran a contest with the prize being a FREE author website and blog, and ended up giving one to the first three people who responded: Kristi Keller, Marta Brzosko, and Kim MicKinney. Kristi is lucky to be first on the list and we are going through the first planning stages of the project. Expect to see us launch her website very soon.

All this in addition to publishing regularly on Medium and my blog, and you wouldn’t think I had any more time to spare.

You would be wrong.

I’ve been locked down almost two weeks due to accidental exposure to the COVID, but none of my family contracted the virus and we will be allowed to leave the house in a few days. I had intended to write a whole book in 14 days and publishi it, but changed my mind for a number of reasons.

First, I don’t want to rush this project. The will be my first published book, and I want to make sure I put in the time to make sure its everything it can be.

Mike Hancock has been invaluable in guiding me through the early planning and outline stages of the book, being that he is a fantastic English teacher, author, and editor. I should be ready to start writing next week.

The other reason I don’t want to rush my book is that I am going to show all my cards, and take on my book at the first title that Weiland Press will publish. The plan, starting with this post, is to document the whole process from start to finish, from idea to best-seller list.

As my first client, and as the publisher, it will be a unique journey to test the experience and expertise that my team and I have in indie publishing.

The Book

Fiction really isn’t my thing, so this will be the telling of the story of how I went from a broken-down, mentally ill shut-in, to a healthy and thriving business owner and publisher living the dream life in the Philippines. The book will focus on the journey from the USA to the Philippines, and how this country, and a new outlook on life finally helped me make the changes I needed to get out of the rut I was trapped in.

It will follow my life as an expat, learning the ways of a new culture and embracing a new family in the years of my life most people spend getting ready for retirement.

None of the story will be fiction, because so much weird and crazy stuff happened that I really don’t have to make up stories to keep it interesting.

I’m anticipated that the book will not take long, even at 100k words, because the story is already in me, ready to burst out onto the page, and sitting down for hours with my nose to the grindstone doesn’t even sound like work to me.

It sounds like fun.

From Manuscript to Best-Seller

Next it will fall into the hands of Mike Hancock and his crack team of editors where we will work together to come out with a polished final draft.

From there, we enlist the help of our other company, WB ImageWorks, to create a cover that will bring everything together into a package that is worth best-seller status.

We will build the website and set up social media, mailing lists, distribution, create a book trailer, and create buzz around the release of the book to an eager audience.

Then we will promote on social media and through the website/blog community to create engagement with the audience and increase word of mouth.

All that, along with all the other hundreds of tiny steps involved in publishing a book will be documented and shared with the readers of the Weiland Press blog and mailing list.

A Thousand Moving Pieces

During this whole time, Weiland Press will be providing other publishers and authors with promotional support, website and blog creation, book trailers, editing services, and with the help of WB Imageworks: book covers, illustrations, and graphic design.

I know it sounds like a lot to manage, but not only am I up to the challenge, I have a team ready to help me from around the world and the support of many authors and publishers.

I’m excited to finally fulfill a dream of mine and publish a book of my own to the wider audience. But, I also can’t wait to see the publishing process in action as we take the raw manuscript and turn it into something people want to read.

I realize I am taking a chance here, and failure is always an option when you undertake something this big, but I am confident that I can do it, and since I have the help of a team of professionals, there is no way this project will go south.

Even if I am not lucky enough to create a bestseller, it will be a good exercise to show there is a market for non-fiction, memoir, and personal essays and as Weiland Press plans to take on more authors and their books, we know there is a clear path to success.

As I said, the whole process will be documented and published on the Weiland Press blog, so you may want to check back for updates on the process.

Isn’t this exciting?

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