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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are You?

We are a team of writers, published authors, editors,  academic professors, web designers, book cover artists, and illustrators who understand the publishing business and the craft of writing, and will ensure your success before, during, and after your book release.

Can you build me an author website?

We offer full-service website & blog design. We do everything from concept to maintenance and publishing of blog posts.

Do you offer manuscript editing and proofing?

Mike Hancock, M.F.A., Del Mar College Instructor and author, leads the team that will provide you with flawless, enhanced copy that will rivet your readers, offering both full copyediting services and proofreading.


Are you a publisher?

In the future, will offer a full-service publishing service, providing you with a plan and the implementation to make your book a best-seller. Look for this service on a limited basis in 2022.

If I write the book, can you do everything else?

Right now we offer al la carte services for authors and writers and will start offering fell-service packages in 2022.

Do you offer training and workshops?

Yes, we do offer workshops and training, both online and in person. Make sure to check out our “WORKSHOP” page.

Is there anything Weiland Press won't do?

As long as it’s legal and ethical, we will do everything possible to ensure that you and your book are a success. Nothing is guaranteed, but it will be far easier with our help.

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