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Author Mike Hancock

Mike had a lot of requirements, and we were able to fulfill them all. We wanted to keep the same bold, black and red feel from the artwork on his book “Fallen” and we were able to do that throughout all the interface elements across the site. We not only gave him a place he could direct readers to his book but a blog where he could update fans and delight them with a personal look at their favorite author.


Mike Hancock


May, 2021


1 Month


Book Promotion

The Process

Challenge & Solution

As we said, Mike had many requirements. He not only wanted links to his book but pages about both his career and the book, Fallen. He wanted a place to promote events and signings of his books, and a way for people to contact him with fan or media questions and comments that weren’t going to get lost on social media.

We created separate pages for fans and media to find out about him and an about page concerning his latest book.

We also included several ways to contact him with inquiries.

Lastly, he wanted to blog about once a week, so we made a safe place he could share his personal thoughts and book reviews.

To say that Mike was delighted with the website was an understatement! As always, we went above a beyond what we need to do to satisfy the contract and built a website that would not only grow with Mike’s career but would help him reach the level of success he wanted for himself.

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