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Jason Weiland – Writer & Designer

Not only did I want to have a place on the web for my future book and for my fans to go and get information about me, but I didn’t just want another blog. I was publishing mainly on Medium.com, and didn’t need one more place to maintain. I also wanted to have a showpiece for my Weiland Press clients. This website was to show the simplicity of a one-page website and show how powerful something so mobile could be.


Jason Weiland


June, 2021


1 Week


Writer Information

The Process

Challenge & Solution

I didn’t have much time to put into this website, maybe a week from start to finish, but I also didn’t want to put anything out there that wasn’t as close to perfect as it could be. After it, it would reflect not only on me as a designer, but give a look into the quality we produce here at Weiland Press.

I started with the DIVI theme, because it’s just so powerful, and tweaking until everything was just so. I cannibalized pieces and parts for other projects until I had the perfect one-pager for my needs.

It just showed that you don’t need a ten-page monstrosity to get the job done. Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to handle a challenge.

Do you see how a one-page author website could work for you?

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If you are a publisher, don’t be shy, just because we are a press as well, doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you. We can only publish so many books, but we have the network and the staff to help many other small publishing houses with the tasks they just can’t handle on their own.

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