Our Projects

Although our team has been building websites, promoting books, engaging on social media, and designing book covers for decades, we have only recently hung out our shingle at Weiland Press. We have many projects in the works, and as they are finished, we will present them here.

Make sure you check back often!

Mike Hancock – Author

Website Design

Bold and remarkable are the only words that could be used to describe the look and feel of this website/blog, created for Mike’s book “Fallen.”

Jason Weiland – (ME)

Website Design

I wanted a simple, one-page website with no blog that I could direct people to if they wanted information about me and my work.

I wasn’t looking for bells and whistles, just a clean interface and a fast-loading page.

Let’s Get Started

Why don’t we get started working on your book, website, or social media campaign today? We have the team and the know-how to take you and your manuscript from relative anonymity to the top of the best-seller list, all you must do is trust us with your work, and a little money to grease the wheels.

If you are a publisher, don’t be shy, just because we are a press as well, doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you. We can only publish so many books, but we have the network and the staff to help many other small publishing houses with the tasks they just can’t handle on their own.

Let us help you!

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